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Soil Stabilization

Index Technical Works LLC is a specialist ground engineering contractor providing rapid, long-lasting solutions to problems of sinking and settling foundations, slabs and infrastructure. We improve and strengthen soils and infill using expanding geopolymers

before soil stabilization1
after soil stabilization2

Soil Stabilization for Industrial buildings

Factory & warehouse floors, walls and machinery bases can be stabilized and re-leveled quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

Client operations can continue during the repair one area at a time is treated, and work is carried out at night if required. There is no need to move stock, racking or machinery. Trip hazards are eliminated, enabling forklifts to run safely, and machines can operate immediately following the ground treatment.

Index processes involve no excavation. Voids are filled, and the processes rectify ponding and slab movement.

Heavy machine bases are best treated after installation, maximizing the compaction by downward pressure.

Benefits of Index Technical Works remediation include

  • Slab deterioration is arrested by filling underlying voids
  • Slab movement at joints ("pumping") is eliminated
  • Less stress to vehicles, as they can ride smoothly on yards and forecourts
  • Forklifts can operate safely as shelving is re-leveled.
  • Accidents avoided.
soil stabilization Industrial
soil stabilization commercial

Soil Stabilization Commercial buildings

Problems with subsidence or floor settlement pose a major problem for retail outlets and other commercial buildings. Closure of premises, loss of revenue and disruption to trading often incur costs higher than those of the repair itself. Index specializes in fast ground improvement and slab lifting which usually allow commercial premises to remain open and able to conduct their business. Index teams will isolate one area at a time and apply treatments to that area, enabling the remainder of the facility to operate normally.

No excavations are involved, and repairs are completed in days rather than weeks or months.

Soil Stabilization for Residential Buildings

Index Technical Works LLC stabilizes and re-levels buildings quickly, economically, and with minimal disruption to occupants.

Using advanced technology, weak foundation ground is strengthened beneath footings and rafts. Where required, rafts can be raised. As the ground is improved, injection is continued in order to close up wall cracks and correct the alignment of windows and doors.

Precisely controlled by laser monitoring, most projects can be completed from the outside, and there is usually no need for occupants to move out. Work is completed in one or two days rather than weeks. A major advantage of Deep Injection is that it adds very little weight to foundation ground.

This technology is the advanced alternative to piling and underpinning and is widely used in UAE local authorities, and housing associations.

soil stabilization residential
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